Toldot Amsterdam

Toldot Amsterdam

A Jewish storytelling food delight | 28 March 2020 | Saturday evening

Eva McGowan and Monica Buzali, Jewish chefs from Toldot Barcelona 

The Toldot Food Experience, based in Barcelona in the old and beautiful Jewish Casa Adret, is coming to Amsterdam for the first time! Together with Oy Vey, Toldot Barcelona chefs Eva and Monica will prepare and host a Jewish culinary feast where Middle East meets West, Sheparad meets Ashkenaz, with a touch of México and Australia – and all the stories that live behind it.

We welcome everybody who is interested in tasting gorgeous food and listening to the compelling Jewish food stories!

March 28, 2020
8:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Uilenburgersjoel – Amsterdam
€31,25 (including €1,25 reservation costs)
The price includes dinner & drinks by Toldot Barcelona
Reservations are required & they will fill fast!

Monica and Eva both come from very different backgrounds and corners of the globe and their Jewish journey has intertwined through food. Their vision is to bring food, histories and heritage, different chronicles, to the table.

Monica, from Mexico City, was raised in a Syrian Jewish family and intertwines her family tradition with a Mexican style. Eva, from Melbourne Australia, has Ashkenazi Polish heritage and Irish roots and is searching for the memory behind the food. Between the two of them, they are exploring gastronomic traditions, stories and meanwhile asking the question: what is Jewish food?

For more information about Monica & Eva’s Jewish food projects, check out the Toldot Barcelona website.

The location is the beautiful and newly restored former synagogue building of the Uilenburgersjoel. Built in 1766 it is one of the few original buildings that remain in the former Jewish Quarter in Amsterdam. It is home to Oy vey Amsterdam.

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