Straight Outta Egypt – An unapologetically Jewish Pesach Celebration

In pre-corona times we were plotting a Seider for Pesach, together with a group of Jewish freethinkers, artists and performers, called: Straight Outta Egypt. 

Although we cannot meet face to face, celebrate and share food & stories together, we have decided to share several performances and stories online, for everyone to enjoy!


The Thing That Comes After
(on the Hagadda as an Instruction Manual) 

Yael van der Wouden is a writer and mixed-bag diaspora child situated in Utrecht, the Netherlands. One time she rescued a mouse from being eaten by a snake, but then the family dog got to it the next day. This still makes her sad. She teaches creative writing, storytelling, and lectures in comparative literature. Her David Attenborough advice-column can be found here, and her writing can be found at

This project is generously supported by the Foundation EVZ and Humanity in Action.

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