Krom is Yiddish for shop. In our Oy Vey Krom you will find a funky and rather eclectic collection of all things Jewish. Sometimes alte kakke, other times judeicalike, but more often simply Oy Vey-licious. That which you longed for but never knew. Not like a hedonistic & consumerist type of thing, but in a ‘mozes! quelle fun shopping Jewish!’ kind of way.


We are working both with local Dutch artists and European artists.


Kesemy Design & Oy Vey Amsterdam 

A collaboration that brings you local, artisanal, beautiful ceramic judaica – designed and crafted by Amsterdam-based ceramic designer Kesem.

Seder plate for Pesach 

€ 85.00 

Our Seder plate is a modern interpretation of a traditional Seder plate. Through the use of iconography, we are reminded of the struggles for freedom in our world today. The blue and white imagery blends the traditional Dutch Delfts Blauw ceramic aesthetic with the Jewish holiday ethics and creates an original new approach to Judaica.

Handcrafted in Amsterdam at Kesemy design studio. For orders contact


Minature Shul: Uilenburgersjoel

€ 32.00 

This Uilenburgersjoel miniature is part of our Shuls series (synagogue), inspired by the Amsterdam canal house miniatures line by Kesemy Design. The Uilenburgersjoel is a shul from 1766 which was restored in 2015 and is now home to Oy Vey Amsterdam. These miniatures are very Dutch, very Mokums and very Jewish at the same time.

Handcrafted in Amsterdam at Kesemy design studio. For orders contact

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